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93% of consumers go online to find a local business—you need an online marketing company and you need a website

you need a b2b website for industrial and manufacturing because B2B buyers use digital content

you need a website for your business because 75% of people have judged a company's credibility based on its website design

the best b2b marketing strategy includes a good website design

our website redesign company makes it more likely for people to revisit your website

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Attention is MONEY!

Videos grab viewer attention

Video advertising helps to increase awareness about a brand or product by means of content that will make it viral. According to research, 69% of advertisements on the digital base will be done through video advertisements. Since visual has a higher impact on our brains as compared to audio, this serves as the best means of marketing. These days many brands have made their shift towards video-based marketing to let the consumer check out their product within the time frame of 20 – 30 seconds.

According to statistics around 78%, people engage in online videos per week and around 55% engage in videos every single day. This makes digital video marketing a very important activity which you cannot miss out. Since engagement of customers with videos has increased, you will be able to engage more people with a proper video for your brand, product or services. The landing pages which have videos have chances of 80% more conversion rate compared to the traditional methods of advertisement or website.

Facts of best online video marketing:

  • The World Wide Web has created more video content in a single month than the television has created in over thirty years.

  • Close to 65% of people view more than 3/4th of the video.

  • Around 30% mobile users view videos every single day.

  • 80% brands have a video on the landing pages of their website.

  • 93% marketing ongoing currently is for video marketing.

Why video marketing strategy is effective?

The latest tool of promotion in the digital world is video marketing,

1. Boosting sale:

Since digital video advertising is a better mode through which customers are able to engage more with your brand and understand the product. Addition of product videos on landing pages is better as it helps to increase the conversion rate by approximately 80%. An explainer video in the form of whiteboard animation video is always a better option with the help of which customers are able to understand your product.

2. Building trust:

With a higher engagement rate with videos, they are able to instigate trust among prospective clients. 30 seconds to 1-minute video lets the visitor connects with your brand which adds on the feeling of trust.

3. Google and videos go hand in hand:

Since the addition of videos increases the average visitor time on your website, this lets top search engines like Google know that you have useful content where visitors want to spend time. The chances of ranking high in Google also increases when you have videos present on your website. So adding a video on your website seems the right thing to do according to search engine optimisation.

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Ordering Online Systems

If you own or operate a restaurant that offers take-out or delivery, you should consider an online ordering system. Here’s why:

1. Higher Employee Productivity. Think about all the time your employees spend taking orders over the phone and making sure that the order is correct. When taking orders over the phone, there is a higher likelihood of miscommunication, in turn, compelling employees to stay on the phone longer to ensure that they have gotten the correct order before hanging up. By implementing an online ordering service, employees will spend less time taking phone orders and can spend more time actually preparing those orders for pick-up or delivery to the customer. Another great benefit of online ordering is the ability for the customer to pre-place large orders and set a specific pick-up or delivery time. This allows the restaurant employees time to properly prep large orders in advance.

2. Order Accuracy. Going back to the miscommunication that often occurs when taking orders over the phone, online ordering systems allow the customer to select and modify their food order exactly the way they like it. This order will then be sent directly to a restaurant printer with no misunderstanding or miscommunication. Being able to take an order straight from the printer to prep will cut back on order inaccuracy and will save the restaurant from wasting money and bad reviews.

3. Grow your Business. Sometimes people don’t want to be bothered with calling and placing their take-out or delivery order over the phone, and opt for a restaurant that provides an online ordering service or application instead. Convenience is key when it comes to customer service. Providing a seamless and easy-to-use  online ordering system will create a better experience for customers, resulting in an increase in sales.

4. Ability to Build a Database. When your customers order through an online ordering service, this creates an opportunity for you to capture information, such as an email address, and use this information to create a database. This database can then be used to communicate with your customers and encourage them to come back through loyalty programs, email marketing, mailing coupons, and more. When taking orders over the phone, you often times only receive their phone number and delivery address, which usually does not allow you to reengage with the customer after the transaction is complete.

5. Powerful Analytics. Once you’ve built your database of customers, you can then use analytics offered with online ordering services to track the ordering patterns of your customers. This will allow you to offer tailored promotions to customers based on what they frequently order or how frequently they order. You can also use this information to adjust, add, or remove menu items based on what your customers are ordering.

Implementing an online ordering system can bring endless benefits to your restaurant business. You may consider using your own, or partnering with an existing online ordering app. Whichever you choose, Star Micronics is there to help you seamlessly integrate online ordering into your restaurant by providing cloud-based point of sale technology to help that order go straight from the cloud, to your restaurant, and then out the door.

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